D Spot Gives back

At D Spot, making a positive difference in the lives of our guests is extremely important to us. We have been able to accomplish this by developing an exciting product line and an appealing atmosphere that brings out the best in everyone. On a larger scale, we want to improve lives where it is most needed, and we have set out to do so through a variety of activities under our “Make Lives Better” campaign.


We believe that if a person’s most basic needs are met, they can grow and accomplish any goal. With this motto in mind, the first thing that captivated our founders’ hearts was the “Water Project.” Through this initiative, we have funded numerous projects through reputable charity organizations that provide clean drinking water in diverse regions of Africa where such a basic yet fundamental need is not readily available. 

These projects locate, survey, and construct water wells in strategic locations throughout various communities, providing residents with continuous access to safe drinking water. This has resulted in an improvement in the overall health, happiness, and hygiene of thousands of people simply because they have access to clean water.

Orphan Sponsorship & Education

1 in 5 children worldine are living in extreme poverty.  D Spot has teamed up with worldwide charities to sponsor orphans around the world and make a difference by providing education, medical care, safe shelter and regular meals.

Education as a means of empowerment is one of our key principles. Through our “Education for All” initiative, we have been identifying and sponsoring the education of children. All the necessities are provided for the kids, including uniforms, school supplies, books, and tuition.